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How to Buy Cardano Meme Coins on DEX (SNEK, BANK)


Popularity of SNEK and BANK Cardano meme coins drives surge in Cardano DEX Minswap trading volume. According to data from Minswap, trading volumes experienced a significant increase, rising from slightly above $1 million in early May to $188 million by end on May.

Cardano Meme Coins

These digital assets, inspired by popular memes and internet culture, have become a sensation, captivating crypto enthusiasts and even making headlines in mainstream media.

In this article, we’ll embark on a journey through the rise of meme coins, focusing on the unique appeal of PEPE Coin on the ETH network and the exciting emergence of meme coins on the ADA network.

Additionally, we will demonstrate how to purchase these new Cardano meme coins from Minswap, a multi-pool decentralized exchange on the Cardano blockchain. You can easily swap tokens with minimal costs, minimal time, and maximum convenience.

The Rise of Meme Coins: When Fun Meets Finance

Meme coins have become the talk of the town due to their potential for significant returns within remarkably short timeframes.

Unlike traditional cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum, which are driven by technological innovation and utility, meme coins thrive on viral internet culture and the sheer enthusiasm of their communities.

They often lack a clear-cut use case or underlying value proposition, making them an exciting yet speculative investment opportunity.

PEPE Coin: A Memetic Gem on the ETH Network

One notable meme coin that has gained momentum on the Ethereum network is PEPE Coin. Drawing inspiration from the iconic Pepe the Frog meme, this community-driven token economy has leveraged the meme’s popularity to create a unique and engaging digital asset.

From trading and staking to the creation of one-of-a-kind NFTs (non-fungible tokens) based on the Pepe meme, PEPE Coin offers a range of activities that involve its vibrant community.

PEPE Coin owes its success to the enthusiastic engagement of its community members and the influential figures within the meme culture who have lent their support. It is important, however, to remember that investing in meme coins, including PEPE Coin, is not without risks.

The value of these coins can be highly volatile, prone to swift price fluctuations influenced by community sentiment, social media trends, and the dynamics of the market.

The Emergence of Cardano Meme Coins on the Rise

While meme coins initially gained traction on the Ethereum network, they are now expanding their reach to other blockchain platforms. The Cardano (ADA) network, known for its focus on security and scalability, has witnessed the emergence of two prominent meme coins: $SNEK and $BANK.

These projects have embraced the meme culture to foster a lively and engaged community within the Cardano ecosystem.

$SNEK and $BANK have garnered popularity due to their association with the robust technological foundation of the Cardano blockchain and the active development community that supports it.

Just within days or weeks, the BANK and SNEK Cardano meme coin has become one of the most trending coins according to

Similar to PEPE Coin, these ADA meme coins offer avenues for trading and community-driven initiatives. Their success is fueled by the passionate Cardano community and their wholehearted embrace of the meme coin phenomenon.

As per the website, as of May 30th, 2023, it is evident that $SNEK coin holds the second-highest market capitalization, amounting to $82,846,457. On the other hand, the market capitalization of $BANK coin stands at $14,507,535.

It is important to note that these coins have only been in existence for less than a month or just days for $BANK, yet their market capitalization has risen to astonishing levels.

This indicates a significant level of excitement and enthusiasm within the community, as evidenced by the substantial interest shown by numerous members.

Furthermore, $SNEK might be going to be listed on one of the CEX – MEXC Global.

Investing in Cardano Meme Coins: A Word of Caution

While meme coins have captured the imagination of investors with their potential for meteoric gains, it is important to approach them with caution. Meme coins are highly speculative and can experience extreme price volatility.

Their long-term sustainability, lacking tangible utility or intrinsic value, remains uncertain. Therefore, investors should conduct thorough research, understand the associated risks, and only invest funds they can afford to lose.

Furthermore, the meme coin market is vulnerable to manipulation and pump-and-dump schemes.

Given their lower market capitalization and liquidity compared to established cryptocurrencies, meme coins are susceptible to price manipulation by influential individuals and market whales.

Investors should exercise vigilance and avoid making investment decisions based solely on hype and social media trends.

How to Buy Cardano Meme Coins (SNEK, BANK) on Minswap DEX

To begin, it is necessary to acquire some Cardano (ADA) coins from a cryptocurrency exchange such as Binance, Bybit, Bitstamp, Kucoin, or Huobi. Once you have obtained the coins, they must be transferred to a wallet before proceeding with the coin swap.

For this demonstration, we will be utilizing “Eternl,” a lightweight wallet designed for Cardano. To transfer your ADA coins from the exchange, copy the ADA wallet address from the “receive” tab of your Eternl wallet and initiate the transfer.

eternl wallet

Before proceeding with the transfer, it is crucial to double-check and ensure that you have entered the correct address on the withdrawal page.

binance withdrawal

Once you have successfully received the ADA coins in your Eternl wallet, you can proceed to swap them for one of the meme coins available on Minswap.

Buy Cardano Meme Coins with Minswap

Before proceeding, it is essential to establish a connection between Minswap and your Eternl wallet. To do so, click the “connect” button on Minswap. Additionally, you must click the “Connect as DApp Account” button within the Eternl wallet to enable the connection with Minswap.

Then, simply navigate to the “Trade” tab and choose either “market” or “limit” trading options.

By selecting “market,” your ADA coins will be swapped for another coin at the prevailing market rate. On the other hand, if you choose “limit,” you can specify the desired price for the coin you wish to swap.

For this example, we will be utilizing the limit feature to set the price for the SNEK coin. As depicted in the provided screenshot, I have set the price for ADA per SNEK at “0.002915”.

It is important to remember to also set the desired slippage percentage. If you anticipate a slippage percentage of less than 10%, it is advisable to select a value between 10% and 20%.

To access this menu, simply click on the “settings” icon located at the top right corner of the Market or Limit box.

What is Slippage ?

Slippage refers to the variance between the anticipated price of an order and the actual execution price. The slippage percentage indicates the extent to which the price of a particular asset has changed.

Given the volatility of cryptocurrencies, the value of an asset can frequently fluctuate based on trading volume and market activity.


Meme coins have carved out a unique niche within the cryptocurrency landscape, offering investors an opportunity for significant short-term gains driven by internet culture and community participation.

PEPE Coin on the Ethereum network and the rise of ADA meme coins on the Cardano network exemplify the growing popularity of these assets.

However, investing in meme coins requires careful consideration of the associated risks and a clear understanding of their speculative nature. As with any investment, thorough research and a prudent approach are crucial to navigating this volatile market.

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