bybit's moon pillow

Enhance Your Trading Performance with Bybit’s Innovative Moon Pillow


Bybit, a leading global cryptocurrency exchange, has recently introduced a unique and innovative pillow to address the issue of sleep quality among cryptocurrency traders. They called it the “Moon Pillow”.

This groundbreaking initiative aims to raise awareness about the constant activity of the cryptocurrency market and highlight the importance of getting adequate rest. Alongside the pillow launch, Bybit has also released a rap video that incorporates popular memes related to cryptocurrency and trading.

This creative campaign, developed by TBWA\Group Singapore, emphasizes the decentralized nature of cryptocurrencies, which allows trading to occur around the clock across various time zones.

As a result, many traders find themselves constantly engaged in the market, leading to disrupted sleep patterns.

Why Moon Pillow?

Traders often struggle with sleep due to concerns about market crashes, gaining more knowledge about investments, and the fear of missing out on the next big opportunity in the world of cryptocurrency.

The Sleep Judge’s data reveals that nearly 70% of non-investors enjoy good to excellent sleep quality, compared to approximately 63% of cryptocurrency investors.

Asheen Naidu, the executive creative director at TBWA\Singapore, commented on the campaign’s execution, stating that their aim was to address the issue of sleep deprivation among traders and alter these data points.

Introducing Moon Pillow as the solution, users can customize their pillows to vibrate as an alert whenever their chosen cryptocurrencies experience price swings exceeding five percent. He also added,

“To become attractive to the audience, we delved deep into crypto cohort culture to find unique ways to drive excitement for the campaign – from different activation touchpoints, through to the distinct language and meme aesthetics commonly seen on online message boards. It is an exciting product which intends to provide traders with an excellent quality of sleep, and a sound mind that can help them take their investments to the moon.”

Bybit awarded customers with Moon Pillows during the 2022 World Series of Trading event as prizes for their product launch, which has concluded at the time of this writing.

The “Moon Pillow” is also referenced by CryptoRUs in the recent video provided.

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