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How to Add Custom PHP page on WordPress

What is WordPress?

How to add a Custom PHP page on WordPress? First, let’s talk about WordPress and its powerful capabilities when it comes to customization and extending its functionality through custom PHP pages.

With a MySQL or MariaDB database and HTTPS support, WordPress is a free and open-source content management system. It is written in the hypertext preprocessor language. Features include a plugin architecture and a template framework known as “Themes” in WordPress.

Using WordPress, you can easily setup your own personal blog, create a Business website or eCommerce store as well. You may need some time to set it up but it requires really less coding skills. Most of the template can be bought from various theme sites or from WordPress itself.

However, sometimes you might want to customize or add your own page without using the pre-made page from WordPress or from its templates. If you have the coding skills, you could easily add your own page on WordPress.

How to Add Custom PHP Page on WordPress

You can create your own custom PHP page since it is written in PHP. By doing so, you can customize the page’s function and look by adding your own CSS or PHP code.

Simply head to your template’s folder and duplicate the “page.php” file
In this example, the page.php is located here “wp-content\themes\colormag\page.php”

Custom PHP page
Duplicate page.php from template folder

Then, add the template name at the top of the file, you may want to rename your new file as well. In this example, I’m renaming it to apy-calculator.php

Template Name: apy-calculator
Custom PHP page
Add template name and rename the file into something else

Lastly, edit your page settings and choose the PHP template that you just created. Then you will be able to display the changes or content that you added in your new php file.

select template

Here are more examples and tips from stackoverflow that might help you even more when creating a custom PHP page on WordPress. Link down below:


In conclusion, adding a custom PHP page on WordPress is pretty easy if you already have some of the coding skills. The steps above is just showing you how we can add a custom page on WordPress. You will need some PHP or HTML knowledge in order to have a workable page.

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