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What is Seed Phrase, Password and Private Keys in Crypto


What is Seed Phrase, Password and Private Keys? In the world of conventional technology, the majority of businesses demand that customers register before using a service.

Your personal information must normally be entered online or on a smartphone app during the sign-up process. Then, this data is typically kept on a company-owned server. However, a new method of protecting user data has emerged thanks to the development of blockchain technology.

Typically, no user information is needed to utilize a crypto wallet. To keep the wallet and the related accounts private, safe, and secure, it merely relies on three types of “secret” which are the seed phrase, the password, and the private keys.

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What is Seed Phrase ?

When a cryptocurrency wallet is first set up, it generates a seed phrase, which is a random string of words. The code required to open a wallet is represented by these words and the precise order in which they appear.

Image below appears to be 12 random words generated by the Trezor wallet and this is also known as your “Seed Phrase”. You should never show these words to anyone. Whoever has those words will have full control of your wallet. Image below is just a sample only.

What is Seed Phrase ?
Under no circumstances should you divulge your Secret Recovery Phrase. If someone requests it, they’re probably attempting to steal your money.

When the wallet is created, the seed phrase is generated cryptographically, and only the user has access to this code. This implies that no one can control the pocketbook, not even the business.

Warning : Whoever has the seed phrase has full control of the wallet to which it belongs. It needs to be kept extremely safe because of this. Your seed phrase can be written down and kept in a safe place, out of sight of prying eyes.

What is Password ?

The seed phrase is far more complex than the password. This is so that it may be used to easily secure the wallet application. When you launch the app on your smartphone or in-browser extension, you will be required to enter your password.

Example below is from a browser app called “Metamask”. Before you can enter your Metamask wallet, you will need to key in your password that you’ve created earlier.


Using password, your crypto assets gain an additional degree of security as a result.

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What are Private Keys ?

A private key is a combination of characters and digits that enables access to digital assets kept in a wallet. Users can create numerous distinct accounts inside of certain wallets, such MetaMask. Notably, every account has a unique private key.

A private key can be used to import a single account, however the seed phrase can be used to restore a full wallet along with all of its related accounts.

In the same manner as the seed phrase, the private keys should be kept secure. You’ll probably run into con artists during online shopping who will try to take your private keys from you.


No matter how these three secret types differ from one another. It’s crucial to keep them in a safe location and to never, ever show them to anyone. They are all crucial, and if someone gets their hands on even one of them, they could withdraw money from your crypto wallet.

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