TTRacing Duo V4 Gaming Chair
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TTRacing Duo V4 Gaming Chair Assembly & Review


In this article, we will discuss about the TTRacing Duo V4 Gaming Chair. You will also learn how to assemble this gaming chair as well as some additional tips so that you do not have to figure out how to put them together yourself.

Over the years, TTRacing has produced quite a few gaming chairs, including the high-end TTRacing Maxx, which I found to be a comfortable chair for extended periods of, well, sitting. The TTRacing Duo V4 is one of the most recent offerings from the company and also a less expensive RM429.00 (sale price) gaming chair, which is about $97.42 USD.

The Duo V4 is less feature-rich than the Maxx because of its more affordable pricing, but it still has several strong points. If you’re considering purchasing this gaming chair, check out this site

However, this gaming chair is only sold in the majority of Asian nations; if you live in America or Europe, you might want to look at other manufacturers.

TTRacing Duo V4 Gaming Chair Assembly

The chair’s assembly instructions are already on the sheet, but even without them, I’m confident we can put it together.

TTRacing Duo V4 instructions

Although the stages are rather simple and straightforward, I’ve learned that you might need assistance from a friend or family member because some of the steps requires two people to complete.

I’m unable to follow the instructions precisely because I’m doing it all on my own. To put things together by myself, I had to improvise a little bit. And if you’re constructing the chair by yourself or are having trouble, you can attempt the methods listed below.

Only the initial few stages will be carried out according to the directions on the instruction sheet. Make sure you have everything you need before assembling your chair from the list below:

  • Backseat
  • Seatbase / Seat Cushion
  • Two Armrests
  • Full-tilt Mechanism
  • Wheelbase
  • Gas Lift and Cover
  • Five Castors
  • Four M6x20 H-Screws
  • Eight M6x25 H-Screws
  • Allen Key

You can refer to the instruction sheet for more details or other information.

Assembly Steps

Let’s get started now. The casters should first be installed by putting the metal connectors into the wheelbase’s holes.

Then, install the hydraulic piston at the center of the wheelbase. Remember to put the cover on as well.

Moving on, attach the tilt mechanism to the bottom of the seat cushion using the four H-screws using the provided Allen key.

Next, we won’t be using the instruction sheet for the fourth step. It instructs you to use the four H screws to fasten the two armrests to the two sides of the seat cushion.

Furthermore, I’ll only be installing one side, though. It would be challenging for you to adjust and position the backseat on top of the seat cushion on the next stage if you’re installing both sides.

TTRacing Duo V4
Install one side of the armrest to the seat cushion using two H screws.

Then, I’m going to attach the two halves of the chair together by attaching the gas lift into the mechanism piece. (This is actually the last step on the instruction sheet)

TTRacing Duo V4

Once you have done that, attach the backseat to the back of the cushion using the two H screws.

Now, you should have one side of the armrest attached to the seat cushion and the backseat as well.

Finally, install the other side of the armrest to the backseat and the seat cushion with the four H screws. And, you’re done!

TTRacing Duo V4

TTRacing Duo V4 Review

This model does provide better comfort than your standard office chair, even though it is not as pleasant as the Maxx, which is also about twice as expensive. This modal is also less features compare to other more expensive modals like the Maxx.

Furthermore, the TT Racing Maxx or any other more expensive modals allows the users to adjust the armrest as well. It has several adjustment choices to let you place your arms at a desired angle. Everyone can find their ideal position thanks to the adjustable front, back, left, right, and angled clockwise/anti-clockwise positions.

Also, while the TT Racing Duo V4 is capable of tilting up to 135 degrees backwards, you are not able to lock its position. For the Maxx, you will be able to have 155 Degree Full Recline and able to fixed its position.

Overall, the build quality is as solid as most modals, the cushion is comfortable and I’m able to sit on this chair for 5 to 6 hours without any issues or feeling uneasy. I would highly recommend this modal if you’re looking for a budget friendly but also comfortable gaming chair.